The process for creating your art work

The vision behind Peonies and Princesses is to provide art work for a room that matches with your chosen colour scheme or theme - to provide something unique and individual that also helps tie a room together.

To reach this goal, there has to be a strong collaboration between the artist and future owner of the art.   The process for reaching this goal remains fluid and flexible to make sure we perfect what is required, but an outline goes a little like this:

  • Customer contacts Peonies and Princesses through the "Contact" inbuilt form above or at the email address to start the ball rolling!

  • We will work out together the best way to share information and ideas about the art work required - whether this be using our questionnaire to gather information, a phone call to discuss requirements or face to face if you happen to live near / in St.Albans (Hertfordshire, UK)

  • Having had an initial discussion on requirements (predominantly size and material at this stage), we will agree on the price and timescales and a small deposit of 20% by PayPal will be taken to secure the order and lock in the due date.

  • The next phase is to determine and work on the detailed requirements.  Using a set of questions as a guide, we will work together to decide on various important factors such as:

    1. Predominant colours for the art work - letters and background
    2. The text required (name, middle name?, DOB?)
    3. Font type required - script, block letters, fence posts
    4. Theme e.g. flowers, vehicles, family pets, soft toys, farm yards, fairies
    5. Portrait or landscape design
    6. Particular special items to be added (a special family pet? cuddly toy?)

    Examples of all of these questions and the end results can be found on the Gallery page and we will use the names on each gallery picture to reference and provide examples of styles, colours etc.

    • Once the questionnaire / meeting has taken place, work can begin. The customer will be kept up to date on progress and sent "in progress" pictures and videos of the art work (these will also occasionally be put on Facebook - please let us know if you'd prefer not during the creation if it is a surprise gift etc!)

    • Once the work is completed, final payment will be required and then the art will be shipped to the address provided.   Watercolour paper pictures will be sent rolled in a cardboard tube.  Canvases will be bubble wrapped excessively!